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 Jimmy's Big Bee Rescue

Available on All4

Distributed by

TVF International 

Channel 4

2 x 47'


Best Documentary, science & specialist factual

RTS Scotland Awards


Bees have been declared the most important creatures on Earth. They’re vital for pollinating the crops we rely on for food – but they are disappearing, fast. 46% of bee species have declined in the last ten years. 


Farmer Jimmy Doherty - who studied entomology as a graduate student - is on a mission to prove that we can all help reverse the decline. In a year-long project, Jimmy confronts the crisis and recruits farmers, council planners and residents of Peterborough to join him in the battle to rescue Britain’s bees. Having organised a mass bee count across the city and surrounding countryside, Jimmy sets about transforming bee deserts into bee havens -  but will his efforts have made a difference a year on?

This production was supported by the Scottish Government and The National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

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