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The Saved & Remade Workshop


15 x 60

Dust off those family heirlooms. Dive into old boxes. Dig out forgotten treasures. The Saved & Remade Workshop is opening up its doors. Hidden away on the beautiful Essex coastline is the Saved and Remade Workshop, where items that we cherish but never use are given a surprising new lease of life. Host Amanda Lamb works with a team of experts skilled in metalwork, woodwork, upholstery, textiles and jewellery. They bring the tools of their trade to the workshop to create amazing items from disused treasures, as we delve into the personal stories behind the items. Many of the items are heirlooms and have an important emotional connection to their owner. From Victorian slate clocks and art deco stained glass, a 1960s electric guitar to a tapestry thought to be a century old, our remakers capture the memories and the significance of each item, as they create new, beautiful and unique pieces.

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