Do you have a much-loved item

at home that you never use?


But… it holds memories, so you don’t want

to get rid of it?


Would you like to keep it - and turn it into something completely different?

We’ll celebrate the memories and the stories attached to your item, but give it life as something new. Something that you’ll actually use.


We’re talking about those items that have stayed with you for years. Maybe you bought them at a significant point in your life, they remind you of good times, or maybe they were passed down by a family member.


It’s come with you on every house move but sits at the back

of the cupboard gathering dust.  Yet you can’t bear

the thought of throwing it out. Maybe you’ve

even forgotten about it… until now.

Our brand-new TV series will take those items and

transform them into something new.

To apply to have your item transformed and take part in the show, download an application form here.

Please email your completed application form, along with photographs of your item, to:


If you’re having trouble sending an application form, email us at the address above with some info about you and your item. Or call us on 0141 343 7782.

In our new series, our experts will take these

objects and turn them into something brilliant and functional

that fits more appropriately into its owner’s life. But, importantly,

still celebrates the original item and the memories attached to it.

If you’ve got an item like this at home and want to give it new purpose,

get in touch!


Whether it’s a family heirloom, a drum kit from your teenage band days, an old sofa, a collection of clothes, or even your first car – it could have life

(as something else) left in it yet!

Filming is due to take place between September and November 2020.

(Dates are subject to change)

Applicants must be aged over 18 years to take part.

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we adhere to the guidelines set out in the General Data Protection Regulations. 

You can read the full privacy notice here

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